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MuOnline Server x99999
Gaia Silk Pants 330 Credits
Glorious Boots 1.7 K Credits
Odins Wind Boots 330 Credits

02 /06 / 2015
Hello Angelsmu players, summer is here and with that we offer freebies to new players!

* Every new created characters gets 7 day Seal of Wealth, with that your exp will be 2x more!
* Summer promotion, when you buy credits you will get 20% more credits  than before!

As well as we made a lot of bugfixes, such as fixed lucky sets and more gliches from update to S9!
New system: Offlevel experience coming soon in next few days!
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07 /05 / 2015
x750 Grand Opening 1. May
Server OPEN!
Item shop for x750 is open as well!

Exp: 750x
Master exp: 750x

Max resets: 50, Stats burns! Free stats: 600
Grand reset: 50 Resets, Bonus 10000 stats+ 1000 Credits!
Max grand resets: Unlimited
Spots all maps: 6-8 Mobs per spot, Event maps: double exp, Mobs starting from icarus double HP/Def/Atatck!
Offtrade in lorencia and noria for Wcoins (command /off)
Drops: Medals, box of luck, heart of love, Lucky coins, silver/gold box, candy boxes, and more!

More info about x750 server: HERE

AngelsMu mu online  Season 9 features!
All new mu online season 8 episode 3 and season 9 features!
New Mu Roomy Game
New Party Matching System
New Guild Matching System
New Muun System
New Acheron Guardian Event
New transformations rings
New Wings
New reconnect system
New Personal Store System
New Market Wall System
New MiniMap System (all spot locations on minimap)
New Party Info System
New Event Inventory System
New Snake event (Green, Yellow, Purple)
New map Urk Mountain
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20 /12 / 2014
Updates on all servers!

New patch is required to play!
Run launcher or download patch manually: HERE
More info about updates: HERE
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Opening delayed! Grand opening x50 23. December!

Server x50 Grand Opening 23. December 16.00 Servertime!
Europe - 17:00 (UTC +2) ||Philippines - 23:00|| Argentina/Brazil - 12:00

Server settings:

Exp: x50
Master exp: x50
Max resets: 30, Stats burns, Free stats: 600
Grand reset: 30 Resets, Bonuss: Grand reset points 10000, bonus stats stays, after resets! Max stats points: 30000+ 18000 stats
Max grand resets: 3
Webshop: OFF, Only in game found items!
Market: On, sell your items to other players
Spots all maps: 4-5 Mobs per spot, event maps, double exp
Dynamic exp
Reset: 1-10 50 Exp
Reset: 11-20 40 Exp
Reset: 21-25 30 Exp
Reset: 26-30 25 Exp
Offtrade in lorencia for Wcoins (command /off)
Drops: Medals, box of luck, heart of love, Lucky coins, silver/gold box, candy boxes, and more!
More info: HERE
Enjoy winter season with Angelsmu X50!

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20 /11 / 2014
All servers updated with bug-fixes.

To play run launcher or download patch manually: HERE
Info about update: HERE
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