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MuOnline Server x99999

Mu online season 9, Angelsmu!

Hello Angels mu online Players!
Server x2000 Grand Opening 15. December!

17.00  UTC +2 (East Europe)
22.00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
11.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)
(or 16.00) Server time)

Exp: 2000x
Master exp: 1500x

Max resets: 75, Stats burns! Free stats: 500
Dynamic resets: Less exp with higher resets!
Reset: 0-10: 100% exp
Reset: 11-20: 80% exp
Reset: 21-30: 60% exp
Reset: 31-40: 50% exp
Reset: 41-50: 40% exp
Reset: 51-60: 30% exp
Reset: 61-70: 20% exp
Reset: 71-75: 10% exp

Grand reset: 75 Resets, Bonus 7500 stats+ 1000 Credits!
Max grand resets: Unlimited

Max stats: 32767
Spots all maps: 4-5 Mobs per spot, Event maps: double exp, Mobs starting from icarus double HP/Def/Atatck!
Offtrade in devias for Wcoins (command /off)
Drops: Medals, box of luck, heart of love, silver/gold box, candy boxes, and more!

Bosss drops: Ancient + excellent

Grand Reset compensations info, if you played x750 or x500 you can get credits rewards for GR that you made! For each grand reset that you made you will get 300 credits!

More info: HERE
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01 /11 / 2015
Fixed not working Master SD Recovery skill
Fixed Pentagram options not getting active when mounting an Errtel (issue fixed for newly created Errtels, existing Errtels with wrong info will remain affected)
Fixed Mana/Life option is not being applied from second weapon

Added more monsters PeaceSwamp! Its open from 300lvl (some classes need to be summoned to get there)
Added robot and mage transformation ring to Xshop
Added Wings and Angel & Devil +0 +3 Options to XShop
Added Conqueror Wings +0 +4 Options to XShop

Update client with autoupdater!
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Mu Online Server x25 Grand Opening 16. October!
Server Open!

Server info:

Exp: x25; Master exp: x15

From 400lvl, stats burns, free stats: 500 points (3kk zen*reset)

Max resets: 30
Max stats is with 50k points total!

Grand resets:
 From 30 res m
ax grand resets: 10, Grand reset bonus stats: 5000
Grand reset bonus stats stays after GR and resets.

Spots in all maps till icarus (4-5 mobs) after that in other maps 2x monster count as official server.
No webshop!
Cash shop: Simple (no lucky items)
Offtrade for Wcoins: Devias maps

Sockets +exc: Disabled
380lvl +exc: Enabled
Max life: +16

Opening Credit promotion for first 3days! Ended!

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New mu online ancient sets have been added to item shop!

Get your new ancient items now!

More info:

BK: Mahess & Bragis
SM: Bess & Alvis
ME: Serkets  Friggs
MG: Trys & Apiss
DL: Khons & Surts
BS: Elunes & Hapys
RF: Horus & Magnis
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02 /06 / 2015
Hello Angelsmu players, summer is here and with that we offer freebies to new players!

* Every new created characters gets 7 day Seal of Wealth, with that your exp will be 2x more!
* Summer promotion, when you buy credits you will get 20% more credits  than before!

As well as we made a lot of bugfixes, such as fixed lucky sets and more gliches from update to S9!
New system: Offlevel experience coming soon in next few days!
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