Mu Online Time: 22:00:48 20 Sep 2014 Total online: 1263
TARAGOTsm 400[50][3]
MagicFr 400[50][3]
IamDeath 400[50][3]
4. Popcorn 400[50][3]
5. xtian90 400[50][3]
6. MAHIWAGA 400[50][3]
7. VeraT 400[50][3]
8. ASSTRON17 400[50][3]
9. B3lla 400[50][3]
10. TeoPro3 400[50][3]

MuOnline Server x99999
Wings of Heaven 220 Credits
Dark Raven 21 Credits
Dragon Gloves +11 12 Credits
Grand Soul Helm +10 15 Credits

11 /09 / 2014

Server Reopening date 26. September 14.00 Server time!

More Server info: HERE!

Hello Angelsmu x200 server players!

We opened our x200 server almost about 2 years ago as our first angelsmu server but as you can see server have already died some time ago, and in last months only few players joined, so we decided to close it wipe it, rebuild from scratch and launch it again in 26. September!

Changes on x200 server:

1 Full wipe, all characters, items deleted.

2 New reset grand reset system

3 Rebuild PVP settings.

1. Server will have full wipe, that means everything will be deleted. (donators will be able to get back donation credits)

2. New reset and grand reset system: Reset: Stats Burns, free stats: 600/700, Grand reset: 150 Res: Reward: Credits

3. In last month we have been rebuilding PVP settings in our server, we deleted them, and started to config from 0, this means on x200 server all classes will be more balanced! (after some time will implement those settings to all servers)

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Hello dear players, we will be opening Non reset, no item shop server at 1. September
18.00  UTC +2 (Latvia)
23.00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
12.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)
(or 17.00) Server time)

Exp: 10x
Max level: 400
Master exp: 5x
Max Master LVL: 302


Soul +luck= 90%
Soul without luck= 70%
Life =70%


No webshop, only ingame found items
Market: Sell your items to other players.
Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins
Small spots: 5mobs on spots
Events: Double exp

Sockets + Excelent = Disabled
Goblin points= 1 point for 1 hour online
PVP= Default global style
PVE= Default global style

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x500 Server open!

Hello Angelsmu players, we have decided to open new server with x500 rates.

New server x500 will be opened 1.July 18.00 GMT +2 18.00 GMT +2
or 17.00 Server Time

Server will be with dynamic rated and dynamic grand reset system.

Reset: 400LVL [5kk zen*res]
Stats after reset burns, you get 100 Stats on each powers
Free stats after reset: 500

Grand Reset: 75 Res
Grand reset reward 10000 stats and 5000 Credits.
1Gr 10k stats 2Gr 20k stats 3Gr 30k... Credits stay 5000
Unlimited grand resets.

We have rebalanced all classes what will give exciting, fear PVP and PVE.
Fixed even like Imperial guardian, Douple ganger, Last man standing and added Arka War event. Reconfigured all PVE what will give you fresh feelings, playing on x500 server, and added new rewards for bosses, and other hunt maps, example: like icarus where you have chance of looting wings.

Players market: Enabled
Item market: Enabled (no same sockets)
Characters market: In development 1-2 weeks.
More info in forum!
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02 /06 / 2014

Referral system enabled.

When someone will register under your referral link and will get x resets, you will get reward 3000 credits.

Each x resets character that registered under your referral will make, you will get 3000 credits.

See your referral here!

Resets needed to get reward:

x50 10 Resets

x200 20 Resets

x1000 50 Resets

x9999 100 resets

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